Friday, October 5, 2012


I have a whole bunch of picture from the summer that I would like to share, but don't have a very fluid way to do so.  So, here they are!  

I had mentioned that I was in the audience for The Price is Right.  Here is literally a "screen shot" taken by Jamie of her television during the episode!

Eli already looks like such a big boy!  In July we had a Craft family gathering in Boise.  This picture was taken at an awesome water park we visited.

Our hotel had a pool table, and this game became very popular!  Does it have a name?  Throw pool balls and run around the table.  Hard to do with bloody toes!

Humm....I sure look good with a baby....

We had a family golf tournament.  Danny showing his pro skills.

Kelly and Grant got married!  It was a wonderful day and they both looked great!

Hung out with these two munchkins at Deanna Rose Farmstead

Fed the goats.  I didn't like how they jumped on me!

Mom feeds the goats with high class -- pinky out!

Danny and I took a trip to Oregon in August and met up with Tommy in Danny's forest.  Boys will be Boys!

Picking wild blackberries

Looking at the huge black bears at the Portland Zoo

Hung out with these two munchkins at the Portland Zoo

Spent the day at the Oregon State Fair in Salem.  Danny trying out some sweet shades in the Rock and Roll exhibit.  

Checking out the majestic Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

Emily and Rick had their baby -- Little Ollie!  Born at 5 1/2 pounds, she was so tiny.  And perfect!

We had such a fun summer getting to see our families so many times.  What a fun surprise!  

I will just leave you with this thought:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From the Top of the World (or Utah Valley at least...)

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Danny's internship group took us on many adventures this summer.  But none as crazy as this!  We reached the summit of Mount Timpanogos!  It was the hardest most physically demanding thing I have ever done.  We began at hiking at 7am and reached the end of the trail at 7pm.  12 HOURS OF HIKING!  I am by no means physically fit so it sure did a number on my body.  Here are just some of the many pictures we took:

That little green splotch in the valley is Aspen Grove Family Camp

Me and my explorer hat, bandanna, camel back, and hiking poles!

Danny looking at ease...

Crossing a beautiful hidden meadow 

An actually mountain spring with fresh water!  Freezing cold!

Danny looking on at Emerald Lake

We had to cross an ice field.  It was very slippery and scary

On the saddle, looking up towards the summit

The Summit!  We did it!  

Standing on the tiny space with mile drop offs on either side

On the way back, my toes really hurt.  I ended up falling behind the rest of the group (Danny stayed with me of course) but I knew something was wrong.  However, when you are on the side of a mountain, the only thing you can do is keep going!  When we got back to the car, I whipped my shoes off to find my socks covered in blood.  I lost 3 toenails to the mountain.  

The very next day we took a road trip to Boise for a family reunion.  I could hardly walk or move my legs at all.  And of course my toes were in really bad shape!  
When we got to Boise, Dr. Craft (My Father-In-Law) did a little procedure by using a soldering-like iron and burned a little hole in my remaining toenails to relieve pressure.  And what a relief it was!  

All in all, I am glad I did it and I am proud of myself for that accomplishment.  

11,749 Feet.  I did it!


Danny and I got hooked on the TV show "Storage Wars" and watched about every episode within a couple of weeks.  Well, my curiosity led me to look for actual storage auctions in our area and go check them out.  And check them out we did!  We have since been to 4 auctions and bought units at 2 of them!  Here are the photos:

Danny opening our unit in Payson

The Unit

Sold for $120

Sold for $99

Auction in West Valley

Our Unit

Everything spread out!

You can't imagine how fun it is to go through the unit and see what is inside.  It is a real treasure hunt!  We are already "in the black" a.k.a. have made money from the 2 units we purchased.  Probably our unit-purchasing will be on hold for the next few years, but it was fun and maybe we will do it again!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Exploring the World Around Us

This summer, Danny has been participating in an internship in the BYU Physics Department and they have taken the program members and their families to the National and State Parks around Utah!  What a great opportunity to FINALLY go see what is in our own backyard!

The view on the way

Inside Arches National Park in my new "Red Rock Explorer" cap.

Danny along the hike

These Cairns are places on the path as trail markers

Went up for a picture in this archway only to find....

Delicate Arch on the other side!

We made it!

Danny and I under the famous "Delicate Arch" that is on our licence plate

We ate our sack lunches in the shade of Double Arch

This is the view at Dead Horse Point State Park about 45 minutes away from Arches

On another trip, we hiked to Timpanogos Cave

 Danny looks like he is having fun and I look scared.  I really was scared.  Caves are not really my thing

Some of the beautiful cave structures

We are happy to be seeing the incredible feats of nature not far from our home and are enjoying the exercise!  More adventures to come!