Monday, December 12, 2011

Our First House

Tonight for Family Home Evening, Danny and I decorated a Gingerbread House!  We had a lot of fun putting it together and covering it in candy.  I am sure we will have a lot of fun eating it too!

Danny getting ready to decorate

My hands are decorating so fast they are blurred!

Now time for delicate piping.

Don't give me candy....

I think we did a great job!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our trip to California for Thanksgiving was a ton of fun!  It could be it's OWN blog filled with all the adventures we had.  So, instead of boring you with all the details, I will delight you with a compilation of photos from the trip.

Kelly and Grant being silly in the backseat

Ash taking a turn in the back

Caught ya!

Havin a snooze

Baby Lily!  Waiting in her Sunday best.

Big eyes

Watched lots of great slides from our childhoods 

Here's a sample :)

Taking in the sights and sounds of Apple Hill

Having a good laugh with Brett and Grandma

Picked up some munchkins in Fremont

Uncle Brett showing Lincoln a sand crab

Uncle Danny wants in on the fun too.

Danny taking a peek into a tide pool

Dudes!  We met Crush!  Righteous!

Cute Couple

We were Twin Penguins!

Breaking the bread on Thanksgiving morning

Enjoying a bonfire on the beach

Ashley taking part in her favorite thing -- Fair Food

Danny had some too

I got really into the Merry-Go-Round ring thing

we rode The Giant Dipper, a roller coaster built in the 1920s

So that was our trip!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Tannenbaum

I know you are all very excited to hear about and see pictures from our EXCELLENT trip to California for Thanksgiving break, but that is quite the project for me to put together (and I am tired) so I will post this one today!

For FHE last night, Danny and I went to Frederico's Christmas Trees in Orem and picked out this lovely little one:

We fell in love with it because it is so adorable.

Next we had to decorate the little guy!  So we bought 25 ornaments to decorate the tree

And, after a grueling....3 minutes or so....Viola!

We are very proud of our little Tannenbaum because it symbolizes our first Christmas together.  As we were decorating, we talked about how this is our first Christmas tree of many many to come and our first Christmas of an eternity of Christmases.  Now I finally understand the Christmas song "All I want for Christmas is YOU!"  All I wanted for Christmas was Danny and I don't have to guess or shake any boxes -- I know he is mine!  And that is why this is going to be the best Christmas yet.

Merry Early Christmas to you all.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Murder Mystery Dinner

Last Friday night (11.11.11!) we went to BYU's Murder Mystery Dinner located at the Spring Haven Lodge Mansion in Springville.

We got some official looking invites when we bought our tickets from the Wilk Info Booth which told us that we were invited to attend the President's Ball as the Delegates from Japan.

It also explained that President Eisenhoover would be announcing his candidacy to be re-elected in the 2012 run for President, and may be introducing a new running mate.  Seems that everyone mentioned in this invitation had something against someone else.  It promised to be a "killer" time!

The way it works (if you have never been to one of these kind of things) is that actors play the parts of these certain characters mentioned in the invite, but freely interact with all of us.  We are allowed to ask them questions and we are to gather information about each person according to what they tell us.  Just after dinner, one of the characters starting gagging and fell to the floor right before our eyes.  She had been poisoned!   Now it was our job to find out whodunit.

It was such a fun night!  We went with Blaine and Lisa and really enjoyed being with them there.  Here are some photos of the evening!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween Recap

I didn't write about our Halloween!  I mostly would like to post the pictures that we have from Halloween....

The monday before Halloween, Danny and I took our own FHE to Cornbelly's corn maze and other various corn fun activities.  

Then, the next week, we carved our pumpkins!  We had to look fierce to take on the arduous task....


But, the fruits of our labour was great!  Danny carved a pumpkin of the Jedi Master Yoda, and I carved a pumpkin of Danny's face!  

Our Halloween costume was my idea, and I dressed Danny and I up as a team from my favorite show -- The Amazing Race!  We wore these awesome outfits and even had the show's theme song playing from a little speaker in our backpack!  It was a smash hit.

My little sister Kelly went as a gnome, so we claimed her as the Travelocity "Roaming Gnome" and snatched her up!

Overall it was a great holiday!  Great fun for me and Danny to spend our first Halloween together and look forward to many more in the future!


Friday, November 11, 2011

In a Toe Jam

Two weeks ago, I went into a Podiatrist to look at an ingrown toenail on my right foot.  Right then and there he said he could do some surgery to 1) cut out my existing ingrown toenail, and 2) cauterize the nail bed so it can never grow in as an ingrown toenail again.  Well, sign me up!  I have been having these problems for over 4 years!

The surgery only lasted a few minutes.  I had to receive 4 or 5 anesthetic shots straight into my toe, which hurt really bad.  Luckily, Danny was sitting by my side and held my hand (more like I squeezed his hand with a death grip).  Then, I could not feel a single thing!  The doctor put up a screen so I could not see what he was doing (phewf) so you'll have to ask Danny about the details.  But something like he cut out the nail piece, then drilled a hole into my nail-bed, dipped a Q-tip into some poison and shoved that several times into the hole.  Yep, felt nothing!  And now it has been 2 weeks and my toe is still bleeding or oozing quite a bit every day.

Since the first time was so much fun, I decided I would go get the other toe done!  Yesterday I did the same thing again,but on my left big toe.

Pretty awesome sight, eh?

Even though the surgery is not really a big deal, and even though the only pain is during the numbing and only lasts a few seconds, Danny still took these opportunities to care for me and pamper me.  Both times he set me up on the couch, made me dinner, gave me a foot massage, served ice cream, and watched a movie with me.  What a sweetheart.  It doesn't take much of an excuse for him to step up and be my prince.  I love him so much!  Thanks Danny for all you do for me.