Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Exploring the World Around Us

This summer, Danny has been participating in an internship in the BYU Physics Department and they have taken the program members and their families to the National and State Parks around Utah!  What a great opportunity to FINALLY go see what is in our own backyard!

The view on the way

Inside Arches National Park in my new "Red Rock Explorer" cap.

Danny along the hike

These Cairns are places on the path as trail markers

Went up for a picture in this archway only to find....

Delicate Arch on the other side!

We made it!

Danny and I under the famous "Delicate Arch" that is on our licence plate

We ate our sack lunches in the shade of Double Arch

This is the view at Dead Horse Point State Park about 45 minutes away from Arches

On another trip, we hiked to Timpanogos Cave

 Danny looks like he is having fun and I look scared.  I really was scared.  Caves are not really my thing

Some of the beautiful cave structures

We are happy to be seeing the incredible feats of nature not far from our home and are enjoying the exercise!  More adventures to come!

Moving Up, to the South Side

After much consideration, Danny and I decided to leave our apartment for a new townhouse in south Provo!  We moved in the First of June.

We had ordered the 17 foot truck, but they ran out and "upgraded" us to this 26 footer.  Thanks UHaul.  Not.

Here is a tour of our new place:
The "Craft" room (pun not intended) for actual crafting.

The Office

Laundry Room

Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Walk in closet

Master Bath

Front Room ("Piano Room" minus the piano in this picture.  It was moved in later)

Living Room

Dining Area


Downstair Half Bathroom

Unfinished Basement 

Two Car Garage

So there you have it!  We love our new place and it feels like home!!

A Potpourri of Spring Catch-Up

I am going to take you all on a quick photo journey of our Spring so far!!

I graduated from BYU!

Me and Professor Davis

The Peterson Family had a gathering in Southern California. Here we are at the new Star Tours at Disneyland

Baby Lily and her first Mickey Ears

We were on the Price is Right!

Danny and I took a cruise to Mexico!

We went to lots of BYU baseball games.  Here I asked Cosmo to put my "Cougar Tail" doughnut wrapper on his tail.  

I bought a vintage sewing machine from DI for $25!  It works great and I have already completed many projects!

We got to look at the Solar Eclipse when the moon went between the earth and the sun.  I am sporting the double-sunglasses method.

Danny used the more effective method of looking through his telescope with a solar filter.

Kelly turned 21!

Baby Eli Scott Ableman was born!

Baby Alexander Ryan Giles was born!

We had two nephews born within a week of one another! How lucky are we??  Now we only have to meet them :)

We have had many exciting things happening!  More posts to come!