Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Tannenbaum

I know you are all very excited to hear about and see pictures from our EXCELLENT trip to California for Thanksgiving break, but that is quite the project for me to put together (and I am tired) so I will post this one today!

For FHE last night, Danny and I went to Frederico's Christmas Trees in Orem and picked out this lovely little one:

We fell in love with it because it is so adorable.

Next we had to decorate the little guy!  So we bought 25 ornaments to decorate the tree

And, after a grueling....3 minutes or so....Viola!

We are very proud of our little Tannenbaum because it symbolizes our first Christmas together.  As we were decorating, we talked about how this is our first Christmas tree of many many to come and our first Christmas of an eternity of Christmases.  Now I finally understand the Christmas song "All I want for Christmas is YOU!"  All I wanted for Christmas was Danny and I don't have to guess or shake any boxes -- I know he is mine!  And that is why this is going to be the best Christmas yet.

Merry Early Christmas to you all.


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