Friday, November 11, 2011

In a Toe Jam

Two weeks ago, I went into a Podiatrist to look at an ingrown toenail on my right foot.  Right then and there he said he could do some surgery to 1) cut out my existing ingrown toenail, and 2) cauterize the nail bed so it can never grow in as an ingrown toenail again.  Well, sign me up!  I have been having these problems for over 4 years!

The surgery only lasted a few minutes.  I had to receive 4 or 5 anesthetic shots straight into my toe, which hurt really bad.  Luckily, Danny was sitting by my side and held my hand (more like I squeezed his hand with a death grip).  Then, I could not feel a single thing!  The doctor put up a screen so I could not see what he was doing (phewf) so you'll have to ask Danny about the details.  But something like he cut out the nail piece, then drilled a hole into my nail-bed, dipped a Q-tip into some poison and shoved that several times into the hole.  Yep, felt nothing!  And now it has been 2 weeks and my toe is still bleeding or oozing quite a bit every day.

Since the first time was so much fun, I decided I would go get the other toe done!  Yesterday I did the same thing again,but on my left big toe.

Pretty awesome sight, eh?

Even though the surgery is not really a big deal, and even though the only pain is during the numbing and only lasts a few seconds, Danny still took these opportunities to care for me and pamper me.  Both times he set me up on the couch, made me dinner, gave me a foot massage, served ice cream, and watched a movie with me.  What a sweetheart.  It doesn't take much of an excuse for him to step up and be my prince.  I love him so much!  Thanks Danny for all you do for me.



  1. Fortunately, your picture did not load! Makes my stomach hurt!

  2. It is the bandaged toe, not the bloody hole

  3. Worst blog title - ever!! :)

    Do we all have this same toe problem? I think we have dad to thank for that. Wishing you a speedy recovery! I'll have to see if it really works

  4. I agree with Rich's idea from your first post: all posts should be titles of AC/DC songs. I suggest "Evil Walks" for this one.

    P.S. I can help fix your links, if you'd like. Your images are coming from gmail, currently:


    That won't work. Let me know if you need help

  5. Rich has the WORST feet/toes in the world. Just the other day his big toe was oozing blood from catching his toenail on the carpet. I told him to go see a Podiatrist! I hope he reads this post and then goes to have surgery on his toes!!!

  6. Thanks, tterb, for the proper title for this post!

    Terri - I had a little blood that was stopped quite quickly by a bandaid. No oozing or dripping or anything icky. Ashley's toe has been bleeding and oozing quite a bit every day for two weeks. I think the non-surgery option is working ok for me so far.