Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Potpourri of Spring Catch-Up

I am going to take you all on a quick photo journey of our Spring so far!!

I graduated from BYU!

Me and Professor Davis

The Peterson Family had a gathering in Southern California. Here we are at the new Star Tours at Disneyland

Baby Lily and her first Mickey Ears

We were on the Price is Right!

Danny and I took a cruise to Mexico!

We went to lots of BYU baseball games.  Here I asked Cosmo to put my "Cougar Tail" doughnut wrapper on his tail.  

I bought a vintage sewing machine from DI for $25!  It works great and I have already completed many projects!

We got to look at the Solar Eclipse when the moon went between the earth and the sun.  I am sporting the double-sunglasses method.

Danny used the more effective method of looking through his telescope with a solar filter.

Kelly turned 21!

Baby Eli Scott Ableman was born!

Baby Alexander Ryan Giles was born!

We had two nephews born within a week of one another! How lucky are we??  Now we only have to meet them :)

We have had many exciting things happening!  More posts to come!

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