Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Exploring the World Around Us

This summer, Danny has been participating in an internship in the BYU Physics Department and they have taken the program members and their families to the National and State Parks around Utah!  What a great opportunity to FINALLY go see what is in our own backyard!

The view on the way

Inside Arches National Park in my new "Red Rock Explorer" cap.

Danny along the hike

These Cairns are places on the path as trail markers

Went up for a picture in this archway only to find....

Delicate Arch on the other side!

We made it!

Danny and I under the famous "Delicate Arch" that is on our licence plate

We ate our sack lunches in the shade of Double Arch

This is the view at Dead Horse Point State Park about 45 minutes away from Arches

On another trip, we hiked to Timpanogos Cave

 Danny looks like he is having fun and I look scared.  I really was scared.  Caves are not really my thing

Some of the beautiful cave structures

We are happy to be seeing the incredible feats of nature not far from our home and are enjoying the exercise!  More adventures to come!


  1. Beautiful! What fun you are having!

  2. WOAH! Double arch across the sky! What does it mean?!?!