Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zion Getaway

So I am trying to put down some posts that I am behind on, so I will be brief!  And enjoy the pictures!

Danny and I decided to get away from Provo on President's Weekend and took a little trip down to Zion National Park.  I had never been there in my recent memory, so it was fun to finally see the beautiful sites in my own "backyard".  Here is what happened: 

We stopped at Cove Fort, which was a half-way point for the early Saints between St. George and Salt lake.  It is a fun site for anyone interested in old church history.

The Senior Missionaries were so excited to hear that we got married a month before, so they performed a "Prairie Wedding" -- more of a Prairie Proposal.  They told us a story and gave Danny and poem to read and a Prairie Diamond ring (a bent horseshoe nail) to give to me.  It was precious. (I said yes!)

While driving near Cedar City, a giant plume of black smoke rose up in the air not 100 yards in front of us.  Traffic stopped for a while as emergency vehicles passed.  As we got through, we saw this mess.  The car blew up.  I read in the news, however, that the two passengers got out safe before the explosion!  
Thank Heaven!

 The Park itself was beautiful.  Fun to snap a bunch of photos.

Yes, that does say what you think it says.  Yes, it does mean what you think it means.  
Yes, we did eat there.

Exploring the "waves"

Crazy snowstorm on Sunday morning.  Mickey got an Afro.

Entrance sign.  The night before we came to this spot and looked at the stars through Danny's telescope.

Danny saying "can we have a yard someday with a bunch of boulders in it, like this, that we can climb around on any time we want??"  Sure, Danny.  Sure.

It was a great little trip.  Glad we get to do these any time we want!  I am lucky to have my best friend as my husband and travel companion.  Here's to many adventures to come!

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