Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Day of Spring

Today was the most beautiful day EVER!  Perfect warm weather, sunshine, the works!  So, what should we do?  Go rock climbing of course!  I have never climbed on real rock before (meaning I have only climbed in climbing gyms) and it was so much fun!  Very challenging, but also very rewarding.  Got some photos:

Danny looking great up there.

Hooking me up!

This looks like I am smiling for the camera, but in fact, I am saying "uh, I can't find a place to put my hands and feet!  What should I do!!"

Tommy's grimy hands after manning the rope so long

Fun day!  Good to have sunshine!  Hope it keeps up!

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  1. that looks awesome! I've never done real rock climbing before either--way to go!