Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Danny and I got hooked on the TV show "Storage Wars" and watched about every episode within a couple of weeks.  Well, my curiosity led me to look for actual storage auctions in our area and go check them out.  And check them out we did!  We have since been to 4 auctions and bought units at 2 of them!  Here are the photos:

Danny opening our unit in Payson

The Unit

Sold for $120

Sold for $99

Auction in West Valley

Our Unit

Everything spread out!

You can't imagine how fun it is to go through the unit and see what is inside.  It is a real treasure hunt!  We are already "in the black" a.k.a. have made money from the 2 units we purchased.  Probably our unit-purchasing will be on hold for the next few years, but it was fun and maybe we will do it again!

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